Digital interface design is a ‘specialised task’

Naushad K Cherrayil  •  August 15, 2013

Dubai: The digital presence (websites, mobile apps, intranets, touch-screen kiosks, office automation solutions and ERP solutions) are either “designed” or most of the times only ‘developed’ without even a hint of design, an industry expert said.

“When it’s designed it’s normally a pretty looking layout. Every brand and business can benefit from their digital presence if it’s done right. All they need to do is to ask simple questions to themselves — What channels of digital do I really need?; How is it going to fit into my business process?; Have I set my objectives and goals to achieve from this initiative? and most importantly, how relevant is the planned initiative for my end users?,” Amol Kadam, creative strategist and UX director at RBBi, a specialised user experience/user interface and performance marketing agency based in Dubai, told Gulf News. While you are trying to find these answers, he said that’s where usability and user experience come in to the picture. [Article]


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