How can we design an internet of things for everyone (not just alpha geeks)?


Despite the influx of new products and considerable excitement around the Internet of Things, from a design and innovation point of view, we are in a “blank slate” moment. We know that connected devices are possible, but we’re not exactly sure why we need them.

Young startups such as Ninjablocks and Twine offer kits that let us connect our own sensors to measure and track values such as how often a door has been opened, the temperature in a certain room, or when the plants have gone dry. Companies like Sony have been working with designers to envision a flexible platform for internet of things development and collaboration to allow product designers and developers to create virtually any kind of information appliance they can think of. (GigaOM’s experience design conference RoadMap is in November in San Francisco).

These extremely flexible devices remind me of what the Commodore 64 computer was…

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