One in five Americans still don’t have broadband


While internet connectivity remains on the rise in the United States, it’s a slow climb to complete adoption. A recent report by Pew Research indicates that 70 percent  of Americans have in-home broadband internet — a modest increase in last year that still shows one in five households still lack high-speed internet.

That 70 percent figure is a statistically significant increase from Pew’s research in 2012, which showed a 66 percent broadband adoption rate. The steady (if slow) rise in broadband is coupled with a phasing out of traditional dial-up connections, which only 3 percent of those Pew surveyed still have in their homes.

According to Pew, the demographics that lead to broadband adoption are age, education, and income. Barely a third of adults that have never graduated from high school have access to broadband internet, versus nine out of 10 college graduates. Similarly, younger adults are more likely to…

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