Our Psychological Selves


Truly, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, we all have a kind of mental instability of one sort or other; just through the stress that every day life presents… Yet our psychological selves are tricky; we don’t exactly see ourselves as others do, and so we have a deeper self, designed to correct this position.  See, our subconscious corrects for what our conscious misses yet does it in a symbolic way, subject to what we perceive ourselves to be.  Subject to interpretation.  How is this true?  In the first place everyone just sees what they want to see to begin with; in other words, we tend to pick out the more pleasant bits, and reject the rest, or at least, we stick it in the back of our heads for a more appropriate time to be dealt with.  We tend to prefer the pleasantness of it all.  We tend to prefer a societal realm…

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