Measuring The Effectiveness Of A Product Name

Jeff Sauro • August 27, 2013

Naming a product is like naming a baby. Everyone has opinions and you are stuck with it for a long time! Product naming, whether it is for software, hardware or a physical device is a multistage process—often involving creative teams, product managers, CEOs and lawyers. It’s also one of the few times I think focus groups can actually be the right tool for the job, at least in the early phases. These group settings allow participants to float possible product names in a dynamic way that can generate some good candidate ideas, but you’ll need to get the experts in to really take advantage of methods for generating better names. Creative teams and branding agencies are also good at coming up with new words or changing spellings to make new, memorable names. But don’t just rely on the creative brain trust, legal team or CEO’s wife to decide which of the ideas will be the new moniker. Test the names with users



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