What exactly is UX?


UX is today’s buzzword and it means different things to different people leaving a majority in confusion on what exactly does UX mean? Personas, wire-frames, usability testing and so on are tools that make UX happen but those skills are not UX by themselves.

To answer in short: UX is an acronym for User Experience.

Let’s get down to understanding it with the basics!

First, understand what is experience?

We all have an experience. Tangible experience like donning a new pair of denims, to eating at your favorite watering hole, to using the personal items you use and the car that you drive.

Experience is also intangible. The euphoria you feel listening to your favorite music, the emotions churned at the movie theater and the joy rides at the theme park. Many photograph these occasions to capture the experience they’re having.

The common theme in each is this; you’re the user…

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