How to Increase Content Findability on Your Web Page

by anthony •   04 September 13 

Have you ever been to a website and couldn’t find what you were looking for on the page? Most websites today overwhelm users with content irrelevant to what they’re looking for. Users end up getting lost and distracted, spending extra time looking for the content they wanted. This happens because too many websites promote content discovery without considering content findability. It’s good for users to discover new content, but not at the sacrifice of being able to find the content they want.

Web Pages are Like Grocery Stores

Browsing a web page is like walking into a grocery store and looking at all the products. You might see some products with hot deals at the front of store, but soon after that you’re off to the aisles looking for what you came to the store to get. Users that visit websites do the same thing. In order for the store customer to find what they’re looking for quickly, they need to know which aisle to go to. They do this by scanning the aisle signs. However, not all stores with aisle signs have high findability.

Aisle signs with low findability


Aisle signs with low findability generally look the same. Even though each aisle is properly labeled, the signs are not distinct, which makes it hard customers to scan and find what they’re looking for. The lack of distinction forces users have to read each aisle sign. This uses up the customer’s time and energy and makes finding a specific product harder.

Aisle signs with high findability


Aisle signs with high findability are individually distinct. Customers can scan the aisle signs and quickly find the product they’re looking for. What makes the signs visually distinct and easy to scan are the color coding, pictographic icons, large label font and a general single word label representing all the products on that aisle. [Article]


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