5 Wrong Ways We are Using Social Media

Tara From Tennessee

Hi, my name is Tara, and I am addicted to social networks.

Luckily most of you are too so my addiction is totally okay. Yes, it is completely normal to have a facebook, twitter, tumblr, wordpress, instagram, linked in, foursquare, pinterest and vine . . . (especially if it is increasing my klout score).

There are definitely some positives that come from social networks. We now have the ability to connect with others and actually stay connected with others more than ever before. Our ability to change the world and the way people think has grown due to these public platforms that allows us to have more influence. Social network’s purposes I would argue are indeed for the better of society. If one was to read the “Facebook Blog” entries by Mark Zuckerberg they would find that what he reiterates every time is that he founded Facebook on the ideas of…

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