How much is too much?

Humans with Computers

When it comes to website design there might be so many  aspects that influence the design.One of them is money making from pop-up ads.This is what bothers me with one of my frequently visited website.I visit it everyday and is one of my cultural connections to feel at home.This site helps me stay in touch with happenings in my country: The Times of India.


Times of India is one of the most popular news papers in India established in 1938 and surprisingly still around.They have 3.1m facebook followers.I personally have this website bookmarked.However, I am a bit disappointed by their website design. In the above image, I have circled the modules dedicated to advertisements.The above image is just half of the full website and you can see already 7 ads on the page over powering the news. I couldn’t help wondering if this was a news site or an ad…

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