20 Web Design Tips for Improved User Experience

skyje.com, 2 September 2013

User Experience is a very fluid concept. The whole concept of delighting users with the website design so much so that they fall in love with it is based on a very subjective premise. Your website is not being designed for a homogeneous target audience but for an audience whose make up is heterogeneous. You are catering to different tastes, varied interests and individual preferences. What you are trying to do while designing a delightful user experience is identifying commonalities that run through your target audience and catering to them. Some designers find it difficult to transcend the blurriness of user experience to zero in on the tangibles. The idea behind this article is to offer a collection of tips that will help simplify the process of designing a satisfying user experience by focusing on the tangibles and ignoring the intangibles.

user experience

 Don’t Confuse it with Usability

I have seen plenty of web designers, especially newbies, who use the terms usability, and user experience interchangeably. My first tip to them is – Don’t confuse the two. While UX relates to what a user feels while using your website, usability is the level of user friendliness of your website and the performance of its UI. Usability could be called a subset of UX and is just one of the elements that define the experience of using a website. [Article]


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