Personas: Who is the User and What do they Do?


Class on Wednesday focused on Personas. I think personas are one of the most important, and fun, parts of user research design. Researchers create personas to typify their audience and create user sets. Personas aren’t just stereotypes of user groups but include goals, needs and interests.

The process of creating a persona comes late into the user research process and usually only occurs after data is collected on possible users. Data comes in the form of observational data and interviews. From the data gathered an affinity diagram is created, organized and melded into single or multiple personas.

On Wednesday, the class was split into groups and we were tasked with analyzing survey responses to create an affinity diagram. The survey had asked what the responder’s BEST learning experience entailed. There were over ten responses to the survey, yet interestingly enough a lot of common themes popped up. Below is an…

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