Making Usability Findings Actionable: 5 Tips for Writing Better Reports

by Amy Schade • September 14, 2013

Summary: For usability testing to be valuable, study findings must clearly identify issues and help the team move toward design solutions.

If product teams don’t know what to do with usability results, they’ll simply ignore them. It is up to usability practitioners to write usability findings in a clear, precise and descriptive way that helps the team identify the issue and work toward a solution.

One of the keys to helping teams improve designs through usability is making results actionable. Running a test, analyzing results, and delivering a report is useless if the team doesn’t know what to do with those results. Usability practitioners — particularly those new to the field — sometimes complain that teams don’t act on their studies’ results.  While this may be due to a myriad of issues, it is often caused or exacerbated by problems with the findings themselves.

Usability findings have to be usable themselves: we need meta-usability.  Below are 5 tips for practitioners, old and new, to improve the usability of their results. These tips are also handy for managers, clients, product teams and customers of usability reports to help better assess the value of the reports they’re receiving. [Article]


2 thoughts on “Making Usability Findings Actionable: 5 Tips for Writing Better Reports

  1. Hi Simone; Seems to make perfect sense to me. Usability reports then, must be concise to identify problems within a design, yet more practically, introduce viable solutions as well. Interesting write up! Perhaps more collaboration on key points, is the answer?

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