6 Mobile Checkout Usability Considerations

by Jamie Appleseed  • October 1, 2013

Here’s a simple test: pick up a standard business card. Judge its size. What you’re seeing is roughly the same size as the frame your mobile users have available to view your entire mobile site. And when it comes to the mobile checkout experience, you should fold that business card in half as the touch keyboard will take up close to 50% of the available screen space in portrait mode. If the user is in landscape mode the landscape keyboard will take up 70-80% of the screen. Throughout all our usability test sessions of mobile checkouts this extreme lack of page overview was observed to have severe implications on the user’s checkout experience and their ability to even complete a mobile purchase. Users simply get “lost in the page” – especially when filling out forms. Therefore, to account for this lack of visible context and page overview in your mobile checkout and payment design, closely consider the following 6 mobile checkout insights. [Article]


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