Optimize or innovate for a better product experience

Dont Ax Ux

Often then now we are redesigning an existing product in the light of new problem or objective. And a lot of times this exercise is to improve the product experience and business objectives – yes NUMBERs matter.

The hard part starts with deciding the scope of rework and determining the boundaries of redesign. Shall we go with the incremental design approach or innovate inside out for the module or product in hand. Often these calls are made based on time and resources available but a decision solely on this would not do justice. What is more important to consider is “what shall work best to achieve the desired outcome”. Adjusting it  with timelines and resources is a planning & management work which can not be avoided in any case.

Optimizing of design is all about building the product elements block by block with every re-design cycle pushing it towards better design…

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