Time to reinvent user experience testing?

Jeremy Swinfen Green's YabaDabaDoo

Over the years I have spent a long time working with clients who are trying to improve the way their websites communicate. Back in the late-90s and early-00s we were looking at “usability” and finding ways to ensure websites didn’t actively hinder visitors from achieving their goals.

We used to sit half a dozen people in front of a computer screen for an hour or so, and see where they tripped over when trying to buy insurance or sign up for a newsletter.

But by the mid-00s we were looking at “user experience” and the degree to which websites promoted desired visitor behaviour; this could include more general brand engagement and so we looked at three things: the usability of the website, the utility of the website (i.e. how useful people found it), and the persuasiveness of the website (i.e. whether it spoke to people in such a way as…

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