Show me the money: Advertising and the internet of things


As we connect more devices to the internet and invest in wearables that have limited screen space or no screen space at all, big brands accustomed to grabbing our attention on phones and social media are pondering what connected devices mean for their ad efforts. There are two options they need to consider: The incredibly intimate data they can glean from connected devices (a scale that knows you’re on a diet, for example) and how to use these platforms to put their brands front and center.

I’m hopeful most advertisers realize a banner ad isn’t going to make the transition to Google Glass or a smart watch, but Zach Coelius, the CEO and founder of Triggit, laid out a good way of thinking about the way to advertise on connected devices. He envisions a spectrum, where at one end are the interruptive interstitial ads or television commercials that users…

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