5 steps to get started with usability

Rosalia Vega


Usable means…

FUNCTIONAL – it works
RESPONSIVE – works everywhere everytime
ERGONOMIC – can be used easily by all users
CONVENIENT- everything is within reach
USER PROOF – everyone can learn how to use it

Just to get you started on applying usability to your site, make sure you have a look at the 5 steps below.

STEP 1: Make sure everything works


Sounds obvious but, make sure all links work.
Get started with Analytics programs like Google Analytics.
Keep an eye on your stats and understand the behaviour of your visitors. Additionally, make sure you are not getting a lot of visits to the 404 page, something important could be broken.

STEP 2: Your interfaces need to teach your user how to use your product

teach users

User interfaces need to teach the user how to use your product just by using intuition.
If necessary, you can add a help section…

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