Human Computer Interaction: Machine – Interface – Person

Rosalia Vega


HCI involves the study, planning, and design of the interaction between the machine and the person. Below you can find a brief introduction of the five most important sections.

1) Users

We often don’t know what the problem that we are trying to solve is and we just assume it’s a “good idea”. Product teams don’t iterate enough and don’t focus on the people that are going to use the system.

Users are spoiled with fast interfaces and gets frustrated if the system doesn’t respond right away. The interface needs to become invisible and intuitive.

Work with users, asses the results and asses the feedback that you gather.

Use “Personas”

“Personas” are models of a person. It’s easier to be empathic to “personas”. You give them a background, a story, a dream. You can include pictures and real data. Believe it or not, it will give you a sense of…

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