Usability of Interactive System



Human-Computer Interaction or Interaksi Manusia dengan Komputer (IMK) ) is the discipline related to the design, evaluation, and implementation of interactive computer systems for use by humans, and studies of the phenomena associated with it.


To make a good UI(User Interface) you must learn what makes it beautiful i will explain this in 13 post and this is the first one,

1 of the following to make UIs beautiful is “Usability”

there are 5 points for usability measures:

  • Time to learn
    How long that it takes for someone(user) to master or can do their spesific task they want using your UI.
  • Speed of performance
    How long does it takes to perform the task.
  • Rate of errors by users
    How many and what kind of errors does users complaining about.
  • Retention over time
    How much that user can learn continuously over time when they use your UI.
  • Subjective satisfaction

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