User Experience: Show Me What You Got.


Jesse James Grant focuses on the user experience in the first two chapters of his book, The Elements of User Experience.  Here he defines the user experience as the experience the product creates for the people who use it in the real world.  It is about how the product works on the outside where a person comes into contact with it.  Grant breaks user experience down into five takeaway points:

  1. Product Design to User Experience Design: most users look at product design (ascetics of a product) and the functionality of a product. However, user experience revolves around the question of context.  It makes sure the ascetics and functions of the product work together to completely satisfy the customer.
  2. Designing for Experience: While designing a product, one must keep in mind user experience.  The more complex a product is, the higher the standards a product must meet for user experience.
  3. User…

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