Designing User Scenarios for Mobile and Transit Experiences

Get There From Here

I’ve been working on a design technique for visually representing user scenarios for transportation and other mobile experiences. When users are in transit or using a mobile device there is a special relationship with both time and space. Such scenarios and use cases could be modeled with flow charts or swim lanes, but such diagrams do not capture important moments in space and geography. Maps and timelines are a familiar and intuitive and visual element for presenting this information.

Before I show an example scenario, I should describe how user scenarios fit in the overall design process.

What are User Scenarios?

Scenarios design is an activity that often used as part of a user-centered design process. Modeling with scenarios is an early steps in a goal-directed design process, which is explained in About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design by Alan Cooper:

  • Research users and the problem domain
  • Model users…

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