Does the Internet Spread Democracy?

Cassidy Paige


“Texting Toward Utopia: Does the Internet Spread Democracy”

by Evgeny Morozov

Most of us know that while the Internet has its advantages, it also comes with a new set of issues. However, according to Morozov, many people hold a “starry-eyed cyber optimism [which suggests] a new form of technological determinism according to which the Internet would be the hammer to nail all global problems.” The author presents the idea that despite several warnings to the contrary, the public holds eternal optimism regarding the idea that the Internet has “democratizing potential.”


Morozov brings up Internet censorship, which questions one essential entity of a democracy: freedom. If comments, blogs, and other digital content are regularly censored, does the Internet truly embody a democratic society? While the Internet does allow for comments on news content and social media sites, some websites censor and moderate the ideas that are presented in their content, which counteracts the…

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