Heuristics – Finding usability problems in designs

As I learn ...

As part of my online Human Computer Interaction (‘HCI’) course by Scott Klemmer, I learned a lot about “heuristic evaluation”. Even though I had heard the term ‘heuristics’ used before, I had no clue what this entailed. In his online lecture, Scott explained that heuristic evaluation is a method one can use to review user interface (‘UI’) designs. He was quick to stress that there are multiple ways to evaluate designs and that heuristic evaluation is just one of them (I’ve outlined some of the different review methods in Fig. 1 below).

In essence, heuristic evaluation means that you get experts or peers to critique your UI design. Typically, the evaluators use a set of principles (“heuristics”) to assess the design. In 1995, UX expert Jakob Nielsen introduced his “10 Heuristics for User Interface Design” as outlined in Fig. 2 below. These criteria can serve as a good guidance…

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