Research-practice interaction, in practice

Leisurely Seeking Doctorate

Something that interests me a lot is what I and my colleagues in human-computer interaction (HCI) and user experience (UX) call research-practice interaction, hashtagged on Twitter as #uxrpi. We’ve held workshops and special interest group sessions at various conferences, to help foster communication and collaboration between research and practice. There’s a lot going on in research in our field, stuff that could be useful to practice but for whatever reason isn’t making it there. (At some point I’ll edit this post to add a link to some relevant material; stay tuned.)

Elizabeth beginning the presentation Introducing myself at the start of the presentation
Photo by Andrea Resmini

This past weekend I gave a talk that put my money where my mouth was. Last summer I had analyzed viewer comments on YouTube meditation videos, for a paper that I presented at the Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces 2013 conference, here in Newcastle. I used…

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