Evaluation: heuristic analysis

EBI Interfaces

Heuristic analysis provides a way of objectively evaluating your own work or that of others against a set of design principles (“heuristics”). While it is a great way to pick up issues early on, it is not a replacement for observing real people using your system. We’ll get to usability testing later on!

ten usability heuristics A nice little primer for Jakob Nielens’ 10 Usability Heuristics. This was created by João Machini and is used with permission

A quick overview

Heuristic analysis is something we’ve used sporadically in the past at the EBI, in different projects, and I blogged about using heuristics and other design principles (notably CRAP) a while ago. More recently, though, as part of a recent drive to begin looking at the design and delivery of the tools that the EBI provides, we have been able to begin to introduce evaluation according to heuristics as a more common activity across…

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