Web Design Tips

technical communication

Our lecture focused on informing us about good design principals.

In this post I’ll focus on reflecting on the quality of the content we have to produce for our website assignment.

Website content should:

  1. Have 1/2 as much text as it would in print format.
  2. Include graphics and interactive aspects.
  3. Contain simple language that is easy to understand.
  4. Have scannable content.
  5. Have working links.
  6. Have a usable layout/design.

web design

All of these points are integral to the successful user experience of a website.

We discussed the fact that when you are designing a website you must remember who your audience is. You have to design your website around your users.

I found this very interesting as, although it seems obvious, not all companies adhere to Source: webpresence                                               this…

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