PACT Analysis for a University Attendance System

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The purpose of this article is to act as a PACT analysis for a University Attendance System. This attendance system is focused on marking and recording the time and attendance of both students and staff members of the University. PACT (People, Activities, Contexts, and Technologies) Analysis is a useful framework for judgment about a design situation in relation to an interactive system. With this PACT analysis designers will be able to bring together research on the target users and scope out the variety of different people, activities, contexts and technologies possible. From this analysis we can build up clear and real scenarios of how our target users would be interacting with our system.

PACT Analysis

1. People Analysis

Primary Stakeholders – Students (Undergraduate, Postgraduate), Academic Staff Members, Non Academic Staff Members

Secondary Stakeholders – Board of Management, Ministry of Higher Education, Parents. etc

1.1 Physical Aspects

  • System will be used by people from 18 years to…

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