Sosh : Persona to Prototype

Running With Scissors

Hunter-gatherer societies made communities where they collected food driven by evolutionary forces. These early humans took upon themselves to live together in a supportive arrangement: hunting for delicious animals and foraging for wild, edible plants. This mutual relationship helped them share and create a community or cooperative societies based on a gift economy – people give gifts to make friends and form social relationships. These gifts often strenghtened bonds while creating a sphere of exchange – a human positive interaction.

In today’s world, Sosh uses the power of social giving in a world of tangible, digital goods. The concept behind exchange is to reinvent the “way people discover the world around them”. Discovering from friends what is local, pop-up brunches, cool festivals, to cooking classes. For the new user, the app itself plays out beautifully with clean, elegant UI, nice interactions with large photos.

At first glance, we took a peek under the hood for Sosh – our learnings from usability:…

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