UX Roles and Responsibilities

Rantings of an Adobe girl geek

I’ve been a UX designer and a UI developer for a long time. I’ve decided to start new blog posts about those experiences.

For the last several years, there have been a huge number of jobs around UX. In reading the posts, it is obvious they don’t really understand what they need. I see a ton of generic UX skill sets being posted. “UX designer who can research, create wireframes, do visual design and be a front end developer. WHAT? No, that isn’t how it works!

User Experience as a separate practice from web or mobile design isn’t all that old. One practiced what we call UX now but the title you had as a job was probably something like designer, or researcher, web developer, front end designer and so on.

Before we can move forward with other posts, we have to get the business of what, who, how and…

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