Ubiquitous Computing and the Internet of Things


Since the early 1990’s, computer scientists and researchers have been working together with technologists and designers in an effort to realise the ‘smart’ environments of the future, where devices and objects interact responsively with each other and people. This interconnectedness and ubiquity is afforded to computational devices and the objects in which they reside, through the Internet of Things. Already the general public are seeing a shift in cross-device interaction as cloud computing and device ecosystems become prevalent and even necessary in many professional environments. However, as these smart objects and environments begin to enter our lives in more personal ways, it is becoming clear that certain thresholds aren’t so easily crossed.

To understand the context in which these developments are occurring, we must first define some key concepts that span across multiple fields of practice. They are as follows;

Ubiquitous Computing: Coined in 1988 by Mark Weiser during his…

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