What Web users don’t see

Bruce Spencer

We don’t see what our readers see. As designers and developers we often concentrate on, and become so familiar with, content on a Web page that we literally get blindsided by what users won’t see. There are a series of psychological behaviors that we must know for usable design. Here are just a few of those behaviors and links to further reading.

Banner Blindness
Web users tend to ignore everything that looks like advertisement – we noticed ad banners but have trained ourselves to turn a blind eye to them. When searching for specific information on a website, users focus only on the parts of the page where they assume the relevant information is – large colorful or animated banners and other graphics are in this case ignored.

Lesson: Make your ads (including Intranet banners) look like content

Banner Blindness: Old and New Findings

Load Induced Blindness

Our brains…

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