UX Foes, Real and Imaginary

Source: UX Foes, Real and Imaginary

There’s a certain ethos in the UX community that goes like this: “You should test users in a focused way on the exact elements you want them to interact with.  And through this focused testing you will receive great feedback.  Complicated high fidelity prototypes make this difficult.”

This is the imaginary UX foe.
I’ve seen this both explicitly, in the form of blog posts and articles, as well as implicitly from being in the UX community for the past 3 years.  Here is an example, via Digital Telepathy

“With so many things to do, it may be hard to focus. Clients and test subjects wander from tree to tree, getting lost in the beautiful forest you’ve created, making it hard to get focused feedback.”

This is in reference to nuanced, complicated prototypes that perfectly mimic how the final site will look and feel.  I have news for you, if users are getting lost on a full fidelity version of your website, and can’t complete the tasks you give them, your site has problems.  And dumbing down the testing is not the solution… [continue on UX Foes, Real and Imaginary]


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