I have several years professional working experience (Also see in a range of interdisciplinary projects in both academia, as a research fellow and  in industry where I have worked as a consultant in relation to user experience and as a data analyst.

Since February 2015, I am researcher on Human Factors at Imperial College of London for the NIHR DEC of London. My work is focus on usablity and UX of medical devices, in vitro and point of care testing. Moreover I work on UX and effectiveness assessment of virtual, mixed and augmented reality systems for surgery and health professionals.

From 2013 to 2015, I was  research fellow at Human Factors Research Group at The University of Nottingham, for the Live Augmented Reality Training Environments (LARTE) project with Jaguar Land Rover and HoloVis ltd. I undertaken experimental analysis on Human and Virtual/Augmented reality interaction for training operators abilities and skills. Before, (from 2011 to 2013) I was researcher at Brunel University where I have undertaken research on different topics such as medical device technologies and user perspectives, user experience of interaction, preferences elicitation and usability testing.

Moreover, I have also worked as a researcher for the Accessible lifelong Learning for Higher Education project (EU4ALL) funded by the European sixth framework programme,  where I was the lead of the Italian group for the accessibility and usability testing of the e-learning system developed by the EU4ALL consortium.

My research interests include human factors and interaction, health and disability psychology including health technology services delivery system, matching people and technology, usability and accessibility studies, user experience analysis in ubiquitous computing contexts, modelling of human behaviour, qualitative and quantitative research of applied psychology using multivariate and predictive statistical techniques.

I have extensive experience in the design of ethnographic, remote testing, and in-house/laboratory studies and in designing and using survey questionnaires, think aloud, focus groups and interviews. I am experienced in quantitative data analysis using different multivariate data analysis techniques such as factor analysis, multiple linear and non-linear regression analysis and clustering. I have extensive experience of undertaking quantitative data analysis using the IBM SPSS statistics software (and its syntax), and R software. I am also particularly expert in predictive statistics such as bootstrap and Monte Carlo techniques.

Other research and work activities

From 2012 Head of UX experts for the Working group on Usability of the Italian government – Department of Public Administration.

From 2011 I am Research Fellow for the MATCH and MATCH plus project at Brunel University of London – Researches on medical devices interaction, User perception, User elicitation, User Experience test, relation between design and evaluation, analysis of user satisfaction and performances. International standards on medical device. I also work also tutor at Department of Information Systems and Computing for masters students by supporting with active teaching activities the module leader. I am also involved in the MATCH project courses for professionals as teacher.

From 2009 to 2011 I was Research Fellow in General Psychology at University of Perugia (Italy) – Coordination of team, main research in: Matching Person and Technology, User Experience evaluation, Accessibility and Usability, Brain Computer Interfaces, Eye Tracking control, Disabled users interaction evaluation.

From the 2008 to 2010 I was  part-time Assistant Professor (60 hours of lesson for each year) for the modules of Memory and Learning Psychology, and General Psychology, in the academic course on “Teaching strategies and special education”. In this period I started to work as consultant for the Nave Italia Foundation of Genova (Italy) as Coordinator of the activities and researches. From the 2008 to 201o I worked in the European Project EU4ALL as researcher and General Director of technical area of Disabled Peoples’ International Italy and European Desk.  From 2006 to 2009 I was tutor and assistant chair for Developmental and General Psychology at University of Perugia, and for Psychotechnologies for adaptation and integration at University of Rome La Sapienza.


In 2010 I held a Phd in cognitive psychology at University of Rome “La Sapienza”. My dissertation was titled: “An Integrated Model Of Usability Evaluation: Measures And Cost-Effectiveness Of The Interaction”. This thesis was awarded as Best PhD Thesis on applied  studies for disabilities of La Sapienza.

In 2009 at the Bertinoro International school of Italian psychology association I attended a course on applied statistics in human science.

In the 2008 at the Centre for human social studies – ZSI Austria I attended to the EU4ALL  course on Accessibility and Usability Evaluation Methods, in the same year I attended the ACM following workshops for professionals at the CHI 2008 conferences: Assessing Usability capability using ISO standards, Augmenting Usability with Eye Movement Process Metrics Hands-On-Training, Usability Testing Creating Good Test Tasks.

In the 2004 I obtained a BCs on Human and education science at University of Perugia. My dissertation thesis on applied psycholinguistic was titled: “Artificial and Human Intelligence: languages of communication.”


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