‘What are you into?’ – when to ask users to customise

G. Boguslawski  •  August 14, 2013

Clients often come to us with questions around personalisation and customisation, such as:

  • When is the best moment to present customisation options?
  • How much time will users spend setting these up?
  • What’s the best way to present these options?

The other day, I came across an example of good design on the YPlan mobile app, which offers ideas for events to go to using basic customisation options… [article]


What can games really teach you? Think about it next time you play Angry Birds

Alessio Malizia

In this interesting article, Peter Vesterbacka, chief marketing officer of Rovio Entertainment, the Finland-based company behind Angry Birds describes how games are really relevant for teaching and learning [ARTICLE]


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