How room and desk size affect people’s comfort discussing personal issues

A new study suggests that people feel more comfortable talking about private matters in a larger room at a larger desk. It’s a result with obvious practical implications for professionals who require openness from their clients.

Vanessa Okken and her colleagues allocated their 86 participants (average age 22; 38 men) to speak to a female Masters student in one of four situations – at a small desk (80cm interpersonal distance) in a small (16 square meters) or larger room (19.8 square meters); or at a large desk (160cm interpersonal distance) in the same small or larger room.


What Makes a Website Look Dated?

James George • 7th Aug 2013

As designers, we always want to create work that is either on the cutting-​​edge or “classic” and timeless. It is important to have a design that looks great and is conceived deliberately in a current style. Having an outdated style for your website can leave a negative impression with your visitors, reduce your overall traffic, and lower the interest and credibility of your site. Retro or vintage designs are great, but retro/​vintage and outdated are two entirely different concepts, and no visitor will interpret an outdated site as a purposeful throwback to an earlier time. You can avoid the dreaded dated look by steering clear of these seven pitfalls. [Article]

UX is not UI

“UX is the intangible design of a strategy that brings us to a solution.”

UX has become a neologism. When something has “good UX” it is an implied meaning of having the core components of UX (research, maybe a persona, IA, interaction, interface, etc etc…). It’s not really necessary or desirable to tack the word design onto the end anymore. It’s a distraction and leads people down a parallel but misguided path… the path to thinking that UX = User Interface Design. see more [Article]