When is the “Right” time?

Humans with Computers

Having worked in software industry I have often noticed that it is hard for UX researchers to convince  a software engineering changes necessary for the product interfaces, the right time to do usability tests or why certain design is a better interface .They do treat it as a minor aspect and think that because it is not coding ,just external evaluation, it can be neglected. I understand that engineers are continuously under strict deadlines. However, is it a race of who gets the product to the market first? This could lead to a flawed, buggy design. In a competitive market it’s hard for managers to make those calls on how much time should be given to what aspects of the product development. But the success of a product is based on the profitability. If getting the product to the market is the target then without a good user experience the…

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Designing Interfaces: Patterns for Effective Interaction Design

User Experience Design Research Articles

After a few days without a computer, I’ve lost momentum in my research and interest in the website review that I’ve talked about in previous posts. I feel I’m focusing too much on that area while ignoring others, like graphical user interfaces.

Today while hunting for related articles I came across this website which has a lot of information on user centred design.

Whenever I was trying to design something, especially websites, I was always trying to base my design on a psychological manner, like: fast foods have red logos because when people see red, subconsciously they think of eating. This article mentions exactly that, user centred design is strongly linked with the sciences above mentioned. 

Every design problem is different so we, as designers, rely on our own experience to get to the bottom of the problem and solve it. This is when books like Jennifer Tidwell’s Designing Interfaces and…

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Characteristics of A Great User Interface Design

Rajni Setia • August 29, 2013


User interface design is the design of websites, computers, applications and likewise. As the name says its an interface design in which users are of prime importance. While designing the first and foremost thing that needs to be kept in mind is the user experience and interaction.

The main target behind designing an interface design is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible. All in all, user centered designs are the best interface designs. If the user interface design enables the user to finish the task without any distraction it can be categorized as the good user interface.

Designing a good user interface is not as easy as it sounds to be. It asks for great designing skills, good knowledge of designing world and good understanding of the needs of the user. There are various processes that need to be followed before finally presenting the user interface design which obviously vary from project to project.

Well, as the title of this article reads let me come straight to the point without much time though its always a good idea to let the readers know about what basically the article focuses on for which I don’t hesitate sparing extra words.[Article]