Psychology of Collaboration Spaces – Research and Survey

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Herman Miller is currently sponsoring the next stage of Research into the Psychology of Collaboration Spaces, being carried out by Dr Nigel Oseland of Workplace Unlimited

The key methodology is an on-line survey. The survey determines your personality profile and collaboration preferences. To enter the survey click the image below:


The research follows on from the literature review that Nigel conducted on behalf of Herman Miller last year and we are pleased to say that we are also sponsoring this year’s research. For a copy of the previous research report please click here for a summary or the full paper.

The survey takes around 15 minutes to complete (ideal for a coffee break). As a reward for completing the survey you will receive a copy of the new research report and an invitation to a seminar of the research findings. You may also enter a prize draw for a

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The elements of user experience design by Jessie James Garrett

User Experience Design Research Articles

“In his [Garrett’s] easily absorbed diagram we can see how the elements of user experience relate to both “web as software interface” (interactive utility) and “web as hypertext system” (content delivery) site types.”

“we can see how by looking at it from a users point of view, instead of as a development process, the elements of user experience occur singularly in our mind’s eye.”

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Will Google use Chromecast to put banner ads on your TV?


The home screen of Google’s new Chromecast device may not stay this serene forever: Code snippets discovered by independent Chromecast developer Leon Nicholls reveal that Google (S GOOG) is considering to add rotating banner ads to the screen that currently just displays dreamy photos of coastlines, mountains and the occasional butterfly.

Buried on hundreds of lines of Javascript, Nicholls found some pretty clear evidence for banner ads on that screen:

chromecast banner ads

The code included dozens of additional lines related to the display of banner ads, including some hardcoded Urls for sample banners. However, these images don’t actually load, resulting in 404 errors instead. (The home screen image above was mocked up by Nicholls to show how these ads could theoretically look like.)

I asked Google for a comment about their plans for this, but haven’t heard back.

There are a few things worth noting here: First, we can’t necessarily conclude that…

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