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The Most Pressing and Important Questions Asked to Google, All in One Handy Image


Webcomic XKCD has a real gem on its hands, mapping out various questions that pop up in Google’s auto-complete search suggestions. If a particular question made this chart, odds are it’s been asked by a fair number of people.

For instance, I too would like to know why there are ants in my laptop. And why there are mustaches on clothes (huh?). Why do Q-tips feel good? What the crap are these ducks doing in my pool?! Why in the name of all that’s pure in this world is there caffeine in my shampoo? Why is there always a Java update? (That’s a great question, sir or madam.)


Click over to XKCD for a larger version of the image.

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One in five Americans still don’t have broadband


While internet connectivity remains on the rise in the United States, it’s a slow climb to complete adoption. A recent report by Pew Research indicates that 70 percent  of Americans have in-home broadband internet — a modest increase in last year that still shows one in five households still lack high-speed internet.

That 70 percent figure is a statistically significant increase from Pew’s research in 2012, which showed a 66 percent broadband adoption rate. The steady (if slow) rise in broadband is coupled with a phasing out of traditional dial-up connections, which only 3 percent of those Pew surveyed still have in their homes.

According to Pew, the demographics that lead to broadband adoption are age, education, and income. Barely a third of adults that have never graduated from high school have access to broadband internet, versus nine out of 10 college graduates. Similarly, younger adults are more likely to…

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