Mainstream media likes simple labels

Mainstream media likes simple labels. Before 30/6, Morsi & SCAF were in one pot. However, after 30/6, some people are already against the revolution, but support Morsi for personal gains. Others are against Morsi, yet still won’t trust SCAF (those say there is only one revolution and it’s still ongoing). Some people are pro revolution and think Morsi was working for it. Etc. [Article]



Big Data’s Future/Big Data’s Past

Fern Halper's data makes the world go 'round

I just listened to an interesting IBM Google hangout about big data called Visions of Big Data’s future.  You can watch  it here.  There were some great experts on the line including James Kobelius (IBM), Thomas Deutsch (IBM), and Ed Dumbill (Silicon Valley Data Science).

The moderator, David Pittman, asked a fantastic question, “What’s taking longer than you expect in big data?”  It brought me back to 1992 (ok, I’m dating myself)  when I used to work at AT&T Bell Laboratories.  At that time, I was working in what might today be called an analytics Center of Excellence.  The group was composed of all kinds of quantitative scientists (economists, statisticians, physicists) as well as computer scientists and other IT like people. I think the group was called something like the Marketing Models, Systems, and Analysis department.

I had been working with members of Bell Labs Research to take some…

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